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Please use the form below to contact us. Before filling out the form, please note:

1. We do not send out printed materials including brochures, posters or other printed information as this web site is designed to provide online information about New York City. We apologize in advance, but we will not respond to inquiries asking for printed information.

2. It is always best to view, print and book in ADVANCE of your stay, as many hotels and vendors, including shows & tours, book up far in advance.

3. We do not issue rights to use pictures on the web site.

4. If you are looking for an online or printed Map of NYC, please click here to view the variety of maps on our site.

5. For information on Transportation options including trains, buses, taxis, airports, parking etc... please check with your hotel concierge for specific instructions OR click here.

6. Also, please understand that it is difficult for us to recommend specific vendors (including hotels), as everyone has different tastes, budgets and expectations. If you have specific areas of interest, it is probably covered on our web site… please see the navigation bar at the top of the page for the primary categories. Our hotels are broken down by star ratings, location, cost and other categories that make it simple to narrow down your choices.

7. Often it is easiest to ask the Concierge at your hotel for specific advice and information regarding your location or needs.

8. General Tourism information & tips can be found by clicking here.

Thank you for using and enjoy your stay in New York City!

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